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Preparatory School Rules

2012/11/23 11:31:22 AM

All boys at St Benedict’s Preparatory School are expected to observe these basic school rules under... 


All boys at St Benedict’s Preparatory School are expected to observe these basic school rules underpinned by the four pillars of our code of behaviour: courtesy, commitment, consideration and control by:

  1. Applying Christian values to every situation in word, thought and deed in their observance of quite time and respectful participation in the religious observances of our school.
  2. Being punctual for school, classes and all school activities.
  3. Being neatly dressed in the proper school uniform or sporting outfit as prescribed by the event or activity. Tour kit do not form part of the school uniform and can only be worn as per the event.
  4. Ensuring that hair conforms to school regulations. That is short, above the collar and does not touch the ears and eyebrows. No dying, bleaching or steps is allowed.
  5. Greeting all visitors, parents and staff in a courteous and respectful manner and by offering assistance wherever possible. In showing respect, boys are reminded not to wear hats during prayers and in class and to stand up when addressed by an adult.
  6. Behaving in a disciplined and respectful manner in class so as to ensure that all have equal opportunity to teach and learn.
  7. Walking on corridors with due consideration to other classes, boys and staff.
  8. Being mindful and showing care towards their peers and reporting all forms of bullying to the class teacher, upholding our zero tolerance approach to bullying.
  9. Completing all classwork and homework as well as preparing for tests and examinations to the best of their ability.
  10. Keeping the school environment litter free and respecting school property and the property of others.
  11. Considering their profiles as valued documents and have it readily available for all staff.
  12. Refraining from any form of digital communication and interaction unless under the supervision of a staff member including but not limited to the use of cell phones and i-pads.
  13. Refraining from using the office phone, provided for emergencies, without prior permission.

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