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Ububele Membership Form

Ububele Membership Form
Contact Details
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Payment Options
A. Annual - Full Amount Only (Payable by 28 February)
B. Monthly
C. No Thanks
Banking Details
For Direct Deposit/EFT
Bank: FNB Eastgate
Branch Code: 257705
Account No: 55275101604
 Name of Account: St Benedicts Trust Account
Online Payment

If you would like to make an online payment now, please click the below link to redirect to the online payments facility:

Format of the Club

Ububele: Expresses the spirit of Ubuntu, generosity, community wellness and the spirit of togetherness. 
The St Benedict’s College Ububele  is an initiative that springs from the Millennium Club that was launched in January 2011. The purpose of the Ububele  is to assist the College  in broadening its school based outreach programme. This programme is designed to assist identified boys across all sections of the school.
Ububele is based on the following principles:

• Unlimited open membership 
• Members, may purchase an unlimited quantity of annual subscriptions.
• Contribution per member is R 1 200 per annum or 12 X R100 monthly debit order.
• An annual subscriber qualifies for entry for an entry into a termly draw.
• Cash prizes are awarded as follows:
1st prize – R10 000, 2nd – R5 000 and Attendance Prize – R2 000.
• Draws take place at the Tony Dobson Pavilion and members are alerted to these before the draw.
If you “Believe in Bennies”, complete the online Membership Form and support this worthwhile initiative.