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Welcome to St Benedict's

Mr Andre Oosthuysne

More often than not, parents and staff are confused about the Governance of St Benedict's. In South Africa, the governance of Independent Schools is not governed by the South African Schools Act of 1996 -  but is rather regulated by the Companies Act, other statues, common law and the New Companies Act which came into effect on 1 July 2010. It is, therefore, quite erroneous to compare the governance of St Benedict's to the policies and procedures which are in place at state schools.

St Benedict's is owned by the St Benedict's Trust which is chaired by the Oblate Provincial - Fr Ronald Cairns. The following are the additional Trustees:

Fr T Bailey
Fr Joe Leathem

Fr V Marole

Mr K R Lydall
Mr B Sutcliffe

The immovable property on which St Benedict's operates, including all the buildings and improvements thereon, vest in the Trust. The Trust grants permission to St Benedict's the right to use that property on condition that St Benedict's operates a Catholic school to the satisfaction of the Trust.  In accordance with this requirement, the Trust delegates the governance of St Benedict's to a Board of Governors; and the managerial functioning of the school to a Headmaster and the Executive Management of the School.

The St Benedict's Board of Governors consists of the following individuals:

 Oblates of Mary Immaculate   Fr T Mothiba (School Chaplain)
Fr T Daniels (By invitation)

 Chairperson   Mr K R Lydall
 Executive Headmaster   Mr A C Oosthuysen
 Current Parents  

Mr B Boake
Mr A Bollo
Mrs K Breet

Other Members  

Mr P Carstensen (Vice Chairperson, Alumnus and Past Parent)
Prof M Scholes (Past Parent)
Mr S Curtis (Preparatory Headmaster)
Mr J Esterhuizen (Alumnus and Past Parent)
Mr D Jeffrey (College Headmaster)
Mrs M Mackinnon (Junior Preparatory Headmistress)
Mrs C Mowatt (School Bursar and Board Secretary) 
Dr D Oerson (Campus Headmaster for Advancement & Wellness)

In terms of the St Benedict's Constitution. the Board must consist of at least four practising members of the Catholic Faith and at least two parents of current pupils. Members are not elected to the Board of Governors but are appointed or co-opted on merit by the Trust upon the advice of the existing members of the Board.