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Documents For Download

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Termly Boarder Leave App

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Bedford Medical Form

Boarders- Information & Rules Kit


1. Arrival, Departure and Leave

  1. At the start of a new term, all boarders must arrive on the day before school begins. Weekly boarders are expected to leave the house on the Friday by 6pm. Exceptions are made for compulsory school activities on the Friday evening and/or Saturday morning. If a weekly boarder wishes to stay in for the entire weekend, written application must be made.
  2. All boarders are to sign out on Friday afternoon on departure from the hostel.
  3. Weekly boarders have the option of returning either on the Sunday before 6:00pm (dinner), 8:00pm (roll call) or on the Monday morning before the start of school. They may only remain in the hostel with permission from the Senior Housemaster.
  4. Boarders must use the Kings Road gate when arriving or leaving the premises. Strict adherence to times is a must.   If for any reason a boarder will be arriving late, the staff must be notified well in advance.  On arrival, latecomers must  report to the staff member on duty immediately. Boarders arriving at the hostel before 6pm may arrive in Bishop Grandin House Uniform. Boarders arriving after 6pm must wear full school uniform. No exceptions.
  5. Termly boarders must submit a written request from their parents by Thursday at 5:30pm if they plan to stay out or go out for an evening over the course of a weekend.
  6. Boarders leaving the hostel during the week for urgent private affairs must obtain leave from the master on duty, sign out and sign in on his return to the hostel. Parents need to contact Mr Craig before permission may be granted for any boarder to leave the hostel overnight. Boarders must leave and return in full school uniform.
  7. Leave to go over the road to the garage will only be given on Tuesday and Thursday between 5:00pm and 6:00pm.   

2. Security and Valuables

  1. The dormitories are not locked during the school day. Boys may only enter their dormitories during the school day only when permission has been provided. Boys may change into their sports kit in their dorms on days when they have integrated day.
  2. All clothing, linen (boys are to supply their own linen), caps, shoes, sporting equipment etc. must be clearly marked with labels or a permanent marker.
  3. Boarders are discouraged from bringing expensive gadgets to the hostel. PSP’s, Gameboys and other such devices are prohibited.
  4. Computers are provided in the recreation room. PC’s and laptops may be brought to the hostel for study purposes only. This privilege may be suspended if the use of these PC’s is abused. Gaming is prohibited.
  5. Cell phones are allowed but these are strictly for use during their free time and in a private space. They must be switched off during mass, prep, meals, meetings and after lights out. These phones are their own responsibility. Abuse of this rule may result in it being confiscated for a period of time or at specific times during the day.
  6. In the event of a cellular phone being misplaced, the hostel will not become involved in subsequent searches for the device. This particular applies to times when it has been left unattended on a desk, under a pillow or in an open locker. In the unlikely event of a locked trammel/locker being broken into and a phone stolen, then the hostel will intervene and investigate.
  7. For safety and security reasons, boarders may not leave the perimeter of the school after 18:30 without the necessary consent from the housemaster. They are also are not allowed out of the hostel after lights out. Contravention of these rules is a serious offence.
  8. Permission to bring a motor vehicle to school will be granted only by Mr Craig. These keys will be kept by Mr Craig. Lifts in vehicles driven by other scholars are not allowed. The vehicles must be parked in the gym parking area. 

3. Dress and Uniform

  1. School uniform (summer & winter), PE kit and Boarders’ kit is the only clothing permitted. No civvies items may be worn before 8:30pm. Termly boarders are allowed civvies for Mass on Sundays. *Remember to label all items of clothing.*use and shoes are to be worn at all times.
  2. Boarders must take pride in their appearance at all times. They must keep their hair neat and according to school regulations. Facial hair is to be regularly shaven and school shoes must be polished regularly.
  3. Boarders must dress in school uniform or boarders’ kit for all meals. The wearing of slops or sandals at meals is not permitted.
  4. Jewellery must comply with school regulations i.e. crucifix/chain.

4. Medical

  1. If a boarder is sick he must report to roll call and breakfast before reporting to sickbay. The Sister will decide whether he must miss school and/or sport. She will make the necessary doctor appointments if deemed necessary. A boarder may not miss school without the necessary permission. Such behaviour will be dealt with as a disciplinary matter.
  2. If a boarder is sick at school he must report to Mr Craig who will sign him out. Boarders are not allowed to absent themselves from lessons and just go to their dormitories. This behaviour will be treated as a serious disciplinary matter i.e. bunking.
  3. Prescription medication must be handed in to Sr Kohler. Boarders are not allowed to keep any medication in their dormitories.

5. Academic Matters

  1. Study periods must be strictly adhered to and a boy may only be absent from prep if they are attending extramural activities.
  2. Prep sessions are to be conducted in silence and work is to be taking place. All boys are to be seated for the duration of prep.
  3. Laptop computers may only be used for study purposes during prep sessions. This will be strictly monitored.
  4. Failure to complete homework is unacceptable. This is a serious offence.

6. Meals

  1. Attendance at all meals is compulsory.
  2. Adhere strictly to the meal times.
  3. Sign for a meal if you going to be late. Once a boy has signed for a late meal, he must eat the meal and not leave it to waste.
  4. The weekend meals list must be accurately completed before Thursday dinner. Any meals booked must be eaten by the boy. Failure to complete accurately or arrive for a booked meal will result in disciplinary action.
  5. Order take-away meals (sport) timeously.
  6. Show respect for other boys and staff.
  7. No crockery or cutlery may leave the dining areas.
  8. Eat what you take and do not waste food. Boys are to clear up whatever mess they make and are to clear their own cutlery and crockery off the table.
  9. All food must be consumed within the dining areas.

7. General

  1. Any form of initiation is not permitted.
  2. Any boy found guilty of bullying will be severely dealt with and may face suspension and/or expulsion from the hostel.
  3. Dormitories and lockers are to be kept neat and tidy at all times. Beds are to   be made up before breakfast, including weekends. Dormitories and lockers may be inspected at any time.
  4. Damage to property must be reported to the staff member on duty. Ball games are not permitted in the hostel premises.
  5. Punctuality must be strictly observed.
  6. No heaters, electric blankets, kettles, fridges or TV’s are permitted.
  7. Disrespect towards staff is a serious offence.
  8. No posters or pictures are to be stuck on the walls or on the outside of the lockers. Posters and pictures may be stuck on the inside of the locker doors. No offensive material will be tolerated.

8. Dot System

  1. Transgressions of hostel rules are dealt with according to the dot system.
  2. One dot is awarded per transgression.
  3. The first dot will result in a boy being given EMR (Early Morning Rising). A boy is expected to report to the duty master/leader at 5:00am dressed in   school uniform. During the course of the next hour he may be required to write out the hostel rules.
  4. The awarding of a second dot will result in a boy being given afternoon gardening. During this time he would be expected to sweep leaves or perform a  similar manual labour task.
  5. The awarding of a third dot will result in a boy being placed on Friday afternoon gardening with takes places from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.
  6. The awarding of a fourth dot will result in a boy being grounded for weekend. He is not permitted to go home or to take any form of leave. During the course of the weekend he is expected to perform tasks that are manual labour in nature.
  7. Dots are wiped clean at the beginning of every week. Weeks run from Thursday morning to Wednesday night.

9. Daily Routine

06h00 Siren

Wake up, make bed, tidy room etc.




Roll call




School, Tea & Lunch


Free Time, Sport, Homework, Study


Roll call




Prep Supervised.


Night Prayers


Lights Out (Grade 7-9) Silence.


Lights Out (grade 10-12) Silence.

* Mass will be celebrated on Wednesdays @ 17h00.

* Late meals are to be collected from kitchenette.

10. Weekends



Wake up


Breakfast (depending on daily programme)






Roll Call. No boy may leave after roll call without permission. Evening routine at the discretion of the staff on duty.



Depart for Mass(10h00)










Roll call


Lights Out (Grade 7-9)


Lights Out (Grade 10-12)

Bishop Grandin House

Mr Toby Craig - Housemaster

Ryan de Reuck - Assistant Housemaster

Frank Masiya - Catering Manager

Mrs Sandy Kohler - Nursing Sister 

Mr Andrew Goodhead - Religion


  • Mr Gary Davies
  • Mr Sam Mathye
  • Mr Darryn Roff
  • Mr Matthew van Craeynest 
  • Mr Byron Tennant
  • Mr Jason Voigt